Gallery 2021 - 2022

Owl Class Gallery 2021 - 2022
Owl Class had fun sewing and decorating their Christmas tree decorations ready for the school tree trimming assembly.
19.11.21   Children in Need  -   St Michael's School walk a mile
                            Well done Owls :)
5.11.21     Owl class had fun using pastel colours and glitter glues to create firework pictures
10 21      The children have had fun sharing their Brain Builder projects 'My timeline' with their friends.
They answered lots of questions about themselves and their families and enjoyed talking about their favourite pictures.
Well done Owls :)
 10.21                               Icing pumpkin sponge cakes
18.10.21        Owl class enjoy practising their handwriting.
                 Everyone really concentrating today :)
 14.10.21      Owl Class Assembly - Seasons and Time
8.10.21                                  HARVEST FESTIVAL
 6.10.21 Visiting Sunninghill Library with Robin class
A visit from Ruby's kittens
 Designing & printing cards for Christmas 2021
    24.9.21 -   Autumn Walk
Owl class had a wonderful afternoon with Dove class exploring the woodland area at Victory Fields 
24.9.21 -  Macmillan Charity Morning :)
 Making pine cone owlets :)
First days in Year 1 Owl Class