Notices, curriculum and learning WB: 10/1/22

Robin Class Notices and Learning

Hello Robins and Families,

 It has been great to have the children back in school and get underway with our new term of learning. The children have returned and settled really well, and all of them have been very keen to get back to our routines and have remembered everything really well. They are becoming very responsible for their belongings too.

Thank you very much for encouraging the children to enter the playground from the main gate at drop off in the morning. The children came in very happily and settled quickly, eager to start their morning handwriting task. 
As a reminder, please feel free to add any notes into their book bags for me to see as we check these every day. I am also happy to see anyone on pm pickup, alternatively please call the office if you would like to speak to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Today we worked together to explore our new topic of learning- People who help us. The children came up with some fabulous ideas. Over the coming weeks we will delve into the people the children have shared and explore these very important jobs throughout our child led learning.

Have a super week

Best wishes,

Mrs Wheller 


Show and tell (Friday 14th) - to bring in an item linked to the theme of 'People who help us'


Homework Brushing teeth challenge sheet coming home in homework folders this week- it is a chart to complete everyday for your morning and evening brushing for a week (up until hand in day next Thursday).


Spring Term Topic: 
The World- People who help us
Literacy/ Topic...
  • People who help us sound and match up challenge
  • Talk for writing unit using our book of the week- learning to retell the story with actions from memory
Maths continued...
• say which number is one more or one less than a given number
• estimate a number of objects and check by counting
• count reliably with numbers from 1 to 10
• develop an understanding of zero
• create representations for numbers 0-10
• place numbers 0-10 in order • recognise the numerals 0-10
• use ordinal numbers: 1st, 2nd...last
• understand the conservation of numbers
  • fun phonic activities
  • Read write inc ditty writing books- perfect partner work with speedy sounds
  • Sounds of the week: recap of all learnt sounds particular focus on digraph sounds
  • First sight words: was look play day away
  • is, it, in, at, and, mum, dad, to, the, dog, cat, no, go, I, a, yes, on, he, she, went, we, me, be, big
  • focus on Fred talk and word building
  • learning how to write and say these letters
  • word games
Exploration activities...
  • sorting the teeth for Clarabella crocodile from 0-20
  • toothbrush painting
  • Dentist role play area
  • funky fingers- remove the teeth challenge
  • keyword sentence writing
  • remove the bad bits teeth challenge
  • food sorting- good or bad for your teeth
  • how to brush your teeth- 2 minute challenge
  • learn our people who help us topic song
Be sure to check out our 'Gallery' tab to keep up to date with our learning in pictures and videos!
 Reading stories
  • Daily reading is a key part of your child’s education and something that you should continue to do if they are home learning. Both reading to your child, having your child read to you is something that should be done on a regular basis. 
  • You could encourage your child to act out stories or create a puppet show (shadow puppets are great for this) to retell the story they have just read.
  • If your child isn’t a fan of fiction, non-fiction books are just as valuable. Challenge them to recount what they have found out.
  • Practical tip: Every time you read with your child, ask them questions about what they have read.
Below is a video for you to watch where I am saying how we pronounce our key phonic sounds...