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'Stay and play' session for 2022 September starters is on
Wednesday 6th July
9.30am- 11am
Meet your teachers
See your new classroom environment
opportunity for parents to meet/ ask questions
information packs also will be given out
We look forward to meeting you very soon :)

 We will be open for visitors and collections during Half Term for our usual days and times, always available to see on this link: https://kidsbiz.co.uk/lightwater-showroom/.  

Facebook – the pandemic has taught all of us the importance of regular digital communication and to this end, we are making a special effort to improve our social media profile.  For schools and parents, we will now be providing regular updates on products and uniform generally.  I do hope as many of you as possible will visit our page and like/follow us.  If you have any particular ideas as to what posts would be helpful, do let us know and I hope this can benefit us all.


Welcome to our interactive information page all about Reception at St Michaels.
This is not how we would usually share our school with you, especially when you have such a big decision to make about where you would like your child to start their schooling journey. However we hope you will find this page helpful, and it gives you a little bit of an insight into our ethos and approach for our new Reception starters.
Your child's happiness and well-being is paramount to us at St Michaels and we want them to feel this from the very moment that they join us in Reception.
Every child is unique and therefore special!
Learn more about our school as you look through these pictures...
We love our outdoor learning, especially if it involves going on a Minibeast Hunt.
Our resident robin, often makes an appearance and enjoys watching and seeing what we are up to...
Some additional notes linked to the  power point...
  • If you are sending your child with their own snack- please ensure this is a healthy snack. At St Michael's we have a strict no nut policy. So please ensure that the food you send your child into school with does not contain nuts.
  • If your child is coming to School with their own packed consider contents of their lunch boxes-children have 30 minutes to eat their lunch.
  • MAGs and DUGs was a point on one of the slides. I realise I didn't explain what this is. As mentioned previously, beyond the pencil fence is your child's independent learning space. You might be left wondering what the classroom looks like, where your child likes to be in our setting e.t.c. When it is safe for us to do so, we will set up dates in our calendar for you to be invited into our learning environment to see the space for yourselves alongside your child. MAGs stands for Mums, Aunts or Grans day. DUGs stands for Dad, Uncle or Grandads day.
  • To confirm pick up for Robin Class is usually 3.15pm not 2.45pm which it did say on one of the slides
  • Please see the 'COVID-19' tab on our school website for further up to date information
Welcome meeting power point
Below is a link to a power point I would have presented to you in school to give you some more information about Reception at St Michaels. Given the current circumstances I have not been able to do this. Instead I have amended it slightly to share these key points with you by talking you through a video recording of the presentation instead. 
(There is also lots of information in here about starting school with us)

Kavi has had a wonderful first year at school. We were so pleasantly surprised with how eager he was to go to school and how happy he was when he came home. Miss Nicholson and Miss Pinder-White have instilled an enthusiasm for learning at an early stage, and the school's values of respect and responsibility have definitely made an impact. 

We have also felt really supported throughout the period of home learning. 

In service,

Nisha & Anand Madabushi

Some special messages for you from a few of our previous Robins...
 Robins have made some videos to show you our morning 'wake and shake' songs we will sing every day to start our day...
Transition is very important to us at St Michaels.
Below is a really nice ebook for you to share with your child. 
This is a lovely transition story about Cody the Caterpillar who has some fears about change, she would much rather just stay as a caterpillar.
Its very similar to how you could be feeling Robins about coming to School. You might be thinking that you would rather stay at your Nursery or at home because that is all you know right now. But we have to face new changes and challenges to flourish and grow. Just like Cody when she got her wings... you won't look back once you embrace your new start and learning adventure with us!
I have also attached an example of the Phonic and Maths number phrases we use to remember how to write our letters and numbers.
Does your child enjoy stories...we love reading at St Michaels and reading lots and lots of books!!!!
Enjoy exploring our other Reception pages too. You will be able to find EYFS Policies and information, and also see what my current Robins have been up to. You might find some handy links and resources on here that you would like to look at with your child. 
Some Q & A's
Can my child stay all day?
Your child can start from Day 1, and stay for the whole day.
I would really recommend this to establish a new solid schooling routine.
I think this will be great for some children who have been out of Nursery settings for some time now, and to establish their new routine right from the outset.
Equally you can still initially make the choice to have them stay for half of the day, if you would prefer this.
Of course in September once they start we will see how your child is finding things and establish what might work best for them then.
Can my child wear a summer dress in September?
This is completely your choice, some children will start back in September wearing their summer dress. From previous experiences I have found that most of the Reception children in September start in school wearing their grey skirt/ pinafore and save their summer dress wearing for later on in the year.
When do I need to hand my forms in by?
For your office documents it would be great to receive these before we finish for the summer in July. 
If for any reason we have another lock down and I am classed as a key worker will they be able to still be cared for in school?
Yes, if that was to be the case we would accommodate and make arranges for any parents/ carers who will continue going out to work.
Is is OK if my child is nearly there with toileting?
This is not a problem, we can guide your child but we just cannot do anything for them. Continue to encourage them to do things for themselves at home, and start to guide them like we will at school so they can get used to this.
We do also allow the children to bring their own wipes if they are used to using these. Please label them so they are clear for your child to recognise what ones are theirs. These stay in a basket by our door for them to grab on their way to the toilet.
Do I have to inform the school as to whether my child is having a school lunch or a hot dinner?
No, you do not have to do this. We do a lunch register everyday and your child tells us if they are having a school or packed lunch. This can change daily for your child, or they might have a packed lunch on a day when they are not too keen on the lunch choices.
You will receive a menu so you can look through the lunch choices with your child to support them with their choices.
I would encourage the children to try the hot lunches, they are yummy, it encourages them to try foods they might not try and home, and they are also using cutlery.
School lunches for Key Stage 1 children are free.
The children's fruit snack options change depending on the season and their deliveries. We usually have apples, pears, bananas, satsumas and raisins. We do also love it when the strawberries start to arrive!
Will there be some more information about 'Breakfast' and 'After school clubs'?
We recommend Sunninghill Play Centre for before and after school child care. 
After school clubs do take place that you can receive more information about via the school office.
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