Other-Reception Starters; Transition/ Information page

Welcome to our interactive information page all about Reception at St Michael's.
This is not how we would usually share our school with you, especially when you have such a big decision to make about where you would like your child to start their schooling journey. However, we hope you will find this page helpful, and it gives you a little bit of an insight into our ethos and approach for our new Reception starters.
Your child's happiness and well-being is paramount to us at St. Michael's and we want them to feel this from the very moment that they join us in Reception.
Every child is unique and therefore special!
Learn more about our school as you look through these pictures...
We love our outdoor learning, especially if it involves going on a Minibeast Hunt.
Our resident robin, often makes an appearance and enjoys watching and seeing what we are up to...
  • If you are sending your child with their own snack- please ensure this is a healthy snack. At St Michael's we have a strict no nut policy. So please ensure that the food you send your child into school with does not contain nuts.
  • If your child is coming to School with their own packed lunch, please consider contents of their lunch boxes-children have 30 minutes to eat their lunch.
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