Half term learning

A competition for you all. Mrs Anderton thinks you will be amazing at this, as you are so good at being creative!

Medicspot is calling all St Michael's CofE Primary School, Sunninghill children to share their creative ideas to help encourage frequent hand washing. Find out how you can enter and win £500 for St Michael's CofE Primary School, Sunninghill here: www.medicspot.co.uk/handwash

We're asking primary school children to share their creative ideas to help encourage frequent hand washing. A few ideas include making a poster, filming a video, recording a song, doing a science experiment or writing a poem about handwashing.

A note from me: you can be as creative as you want! All entries get a printable certificate too. You might like to try the bread and germs experiment: https://www.mottchildren.org/posts/camp-little-victors/dirty-hands You don't just have to do 3 slices of bread like this experiment, you could try wiping it on your ipad or laptop, on the kitchen table, washed hands, dirty hands and hands washed with soap and water for 20s. Or try with washing with soap and water with 10s, 20s, 30s... Remember to always use a control slice of bread.

I look forward to seeing your photos and artwork!

Love Miss Fuller

Dear Doves,
How are you all?  I hope you are all well and behaving beautifully for your parents?  It is half term this week, and it looks like we are going to have wonderful weather.  I hope you are going to be enjoying the sunshine.  Please remember to use sun cream, wear a hat and make sure you drink water though!
I am sure lots of you have been going out on your bikes, and for walks.   I wanted to remind you to stay safe please!  Wear a bike helmet, and high visibility clothing.  I know the weather is very sunny, but this doesn't mean other road users can see you easily.   Here is a link to the THINK!  campaign resources with videos, games, and ideas for your parents to help you with. https://www.think.gov.uk/education-resources/explore-education-resources/?age%5B%5D=7-to-12  
I have added some art and craft ideas to Seesaw, and also put some links from the RNLI on there - the RNLI information is on this page too.   
Finally, I hope you are all looking out for wildlife too?  I have been wildlife spotting in my garden and we have been VERY excited by some new visitors.  We have a hedgehog visiting at night - we know because of the faeces (poo) it leaves behind.  We also have mice living under our shed - one came out to eat the bird's bread and was feeling very brave, as he/ she kept darting back and forth.  We are hoping Poppy doesn't notice....  The blue tits have also fledged.  Unfortunately, next door's cat got one, but I rescued another one and we hope the rest have flown away.  Small birds, like blue tits, have bigger broods to allow for a higher mortality rate in their young.   We also had a dragonfly visiting today, and a damsel fly.  You can tell the difference between them by how they rest their wings at rest.  A damsel fly always tucks them in neatly along it's body.  A dragonfly leaves them out.  Dragonflies can also move their wings individually, allowing them to be faster predators.  Our last visitors have been nighttime mammals - bats!  I have used a bat detector to listen to them.   They have had bad press recently, but bats are amazing.  Find out more information about them here: https://www.bats.org.uk/about-bats  You can find out about the life cycle of bats - which will help you with our upcoming science.  
I look forward to seeing any art, drawings, photos or writing on Seesaw as always.  
Lots of love and missing you all so much!
Miss Fuller
Do you remember our visitor from the RNLI? 

My name is Colin Brown, an RNLI Education volunteer in your area tasked with improving safety on and beside the water.  As a school in my area I wanted to get in touch on behalf of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s (RNLI) Water Safety Team.

This summer, our Lifeguards can’t be on every beach, meaning a heightened water safety risk to beach goers. We are asking you to help us share some important messages to children and their families.

It is anticipated that once restrictions further ease and the summer weather is here, people will head to the beaches and coastline to enjoy the sun, sea and time with friends and family.  In a normal year, the RNLI helps thousands of people who end up getting into difficulty in or close to the water when doing these types of activities.  Follow the link below to find out more about how to stay safe.