Home Learning 11/05

Dear Eagles,

I hope that you all had a lovely VE Day and managed to enjoy the sunshine on Friday and Saturday. What did you get up to? Let us know on SeeSaw.

This week is a strange week for us in Year 6 as it would have been the start of our SATs week – a week you have worked very hard for. I just want you to know that your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and I am very proud of everything you have achieved so far.

I also know some of you might be disappointed about not being able to complete your assessments. Just in case you did want to try a full set of papers, I have added the link to the 2019 papers below that you can try.

Past SATs Papers

It is up to you if you do all of the papers or some of them or you might decide to follow the daily lessons instead. Remember that there is also BBC Bitesize and The Oak National Academy that you can use to supplement your learning on the links below. Remember that if you can't get all of the work done each day, please don't worry.

BBC Bitesize Home Learning Lessons

The Oak National Academy Lessons

Great job to those of you who logged into Times Tables Rockstars and joined the battle against Year 5. Well done to Tilly, Harry, Henry, India, Cassidy and Euan for placing in each battle. I will upload your certificates onto SeeSaw for you to see. This week I have set a battle boys v girls - this starts at 9am tomorrow morning (Monday) and finishes at 3.15pm on Friday. Get battling! I would love to see you all taking part in the battle.

Have a great week and keep uploading your work into SeeSaw. We love seeing what you have been up to!

Mrs Klinker and Mrs Rainer

Monday 11th May

English - Reading

Follow the link to complete the lesson. You only need some paper and a pen/pencil. 

The Oak National Academy



Follow the link: White Rose Maths Lesson

Mark my SPAG test. How did I do?

Make your own rainforest dictionary with illustrations and clear explanations. Use this link to help you: Rainforest Dictionary


TTRS - come on boys, the girls are beating you and have a huge lead! Well done to Harry and Henry holding up the boys’ score!
English - Reading

Follow the link: The Oak National Academy Reading Lesson 


Follow the link: White Rose Maths Lesson

Resources are below.


This afternoon is a continuation of yesterday's afternoon rainforest lesson so if you haven't finished, don't worry.

Please go through the PowerPoint attached below and complete the task. Remember, presentation is key.

Something else?

It's Tuesday which means it's time for 'Draw with Rob'. Follow the link: Draw with Rob


TTRS - well done to more of you taking part in the battle. Let's get even more of you battling today -the boys have taken the lead! Keep going girls!

English - Reading

Follow the link: The Oak National Academy



White Rose - follow the link: White Rose Video

Resources attached below.


Below is a rainforest home learning booklet with lots of activities in that you can work through. If you are unable to print, try and transfer parts into your exercise book or onto paper.
Writing Competition
Mrs Rainer has found this writing competition that you might like to enter.
See below for the details. Closing date is May 31st.
Thursday 14th
TTRS - the scores are still going up! Well done to those children who have continued to battle yesterday and to those who have now joined in. There are still more girls playing that boys but the boys are in the lead!
Currently 7,370 to the boys and 5,118 to the girls. Keep going girls! Well done to Euan and Tilly who are out in front for their team. 
English - Reading
Follow the link: Oak National Academy



Follow the link: White Rose Maths Video

I have attached the resources below for you.

This afternoon, you have two choices:
1) Continue with the rainforests home learning booklet from yesterday afternoon (you'll find it above)
2) Have a go at starting the STEM challenge below
Friday 15th
TTRS - as of 2.30pm (Thursday), the girls had taken the lead! Well done girls and well done to Tilly who is now out in front with a score of over 5,000! The battle ends at 3.15pm today (Friday) so keep on battling and keep going boys!
You will be using Pobble 365 today.
Complete the tasks on this page that are related to this image. Use the story starter and finish the story. Remember to plan out your writing first and edit it at the end.
Today I would like you to use the Oak National Academy for your Maths.
Now scroll down and look at the Y6 maths lessons that have taken place in the last few weeks. Pick the lesson or lessons on areas that you feel you would like a little more practise on and work your way through them.
Here are some White Rose Maths challenges that you might like to have a go at. Follow this link: White Rose Maths Challenges . They get progressively harder so see how far you can get.
This Afternoon
This afternoon, please continue with the rainforest home learning booklet available in Wednesday's learning above.
You might also like to continue you with the STEM challenge, Beat the Flood, from yesterday afternoon (available above) or complete anything else from this week, such as the writing competition, or any other week that you haven't yet had a go at. 
Maybe you'd like to do some art using Draw with Rob - follow this link: Draw with Rob