Home learning 18th May

Monday 18th May
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to enjoy the sunshine! This week Mrs Klinker has set up a TTRs battle: KS2 boys vs KS2 girls. It starts on Monday at 9am and finishes Friday at 3.15. Get battling!
Poetry - reading
This week we are going to be following a set of lessons from the Oak National Academy. We will be looking at poetry and today you will be reading a poem called 'The Magic Box' and looking at the word meaning. 
Watch the video and work through the activities. Read the poem, are there any words you don't understand?What is a synonym and an antonym? Match the correct synonyms and antonyms to the words from the text. Find you own words from the text and come up with a synonym and antonym for these.  
Fractions - tenths and hundredths 
Watch the video and complete the activity sheet attached. 

What was it like to live in the Bronze Age?

Watch the video and read the information. Create a poster showing what life was like in the Bronze Age. If you would like to present this in another day then you can. There is also a timeline activity to complete. 
Tuesday 19th May
TTRs - well done for taking part so far: Anish, Theo, Benjy, Sam, James, Harrison and Ralph for the boys and to Isabella, Bella and Abigail for the girls. The boys are currently in the lead, come on girls!
Poetry - reading 
Watch the video and complete the activities. What is alliteration? Task 1 and 2 are attached here.
Equivalent fractions 
Watch the video and complete the activity sheet. 
Watch the videos and read the information. What are mountains? How are they formed? Name 3 famous mountain ranges in the world. 
Activity 1 - quiz 
Activity 2 - colour in the mountain ranges on the world map according to where they are located. You might need to do a bit of extra research to find where they are! You could use Google Maps, an atlas or a world map. 
Activity 3 - sort the different activities according to whether they are done on hills and mountains in the UK or not in the UK, or not on hills and mountains at all. There is no need to print and cut - you could just make a list. 
Wednesday 20th May
TTRs - boys are still out in the lead, but well done also to Annika, Anya and Connie for joining in. Keep going girls!
It's time to test yourself on the 'sc' words from last week! I have posted a voice recording on Seesaw which you can use if you would like or you could ask someone at home to test you.
Poetry - features of a poem 
Watch the video and complete the activities. What are the main features of the poem?

I have attached tasks 1, 2 and 3 here for you to complete.
Equivalent fractions 
Watch the video and complete the activity sheet attached.
Watch the video and complete the activities. What is friction? Complete the table giving real life uses of friction, both helpful and unhelpful. 
See if you can find examples of friction around the house. For example, what happens when you walk on a hard floor in socks vs in shoes? Why is this? If you have a toy car you could try building a ramp for it out of different materials (example below) and testing to see which one has the most friction and which one has the least. What would you predict?
Thursday 21st May
TTRs: remember, the battle ends at 3.15 tomorrow! I can see lots of you have been playing and both the boys and the girls have a very high score. Boys are currently in the lead, I wonder whether the girls can catch up? It would be great to see if any of Swallow class get a certificate for being the MVP in their group!
Poetry - expanded noun phrases 
Watch the video and complete the activities - I have attached activities 1, 2 and 3 here. 
Fractions greater than 1 
Watch the video and complete the activity sheet attached.
Search engines 
Watch the videos and complete the activities. I have attached the digital footprint activity here. 
Can you safely use a search engine to find the answers to the questions attached? Remember to think about what you type into the search bar to get the most accurate answer, make sure it's clear and concise. Please make sure you have adult supervision when searching the internet, and always remember our SMART rules (I have attached the poster to remind you). 
Friday 22nd May
Poetry - write a repetitive poem 
Watch the video and follow the activities. Write your own repetitive poem - what would go in your magic box? Remember to plan first like they have in the example!
Friday Maths challenges
Have a go at the challenges attached. They get harder as they go on so don't worry about completing them all!
If you are still looking for something to do then you could have a look at the BBC Bitesize music lesson or BBC Bitesize reading lesson
Remember the TTRs battle finishes at 3.15 today!
I hope you all have a lovely half term, let's hope the nice weather continues so we can enjoy our time outside! I am really proud of how you have all embraced the remote learning this term, I know it took some getting used to from all of us but I hope you have enjoyed it! And a big thank you and well done to your adults at home as well as I know it isn't easy.
I will be back on Monday 1st June with more activities for you. I am missing you all so I hope that we will have a chance to be in class together again soon!
Miss Tracy