Home Learning 19/03

Year 6 Home Learning

19th March 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Year 6 Eagles,

I will update this page with more activities as necessary. If your child was in school on Friday, they have been provided with an exercise book to complete the uploaded tasks in along with their passwords for Purple Mash and TTRS. 

We would really like you to be able to all keep in touch with us and with each so have created a chatroom to do this (all comments will be monitored the teachers). Join us on: https://eaglechatroom.wordpress.com

If you were not in school on Friday and cannot remember you logins for Purple Mash or TTRS, please message us through the chatroom and we can organise getting these to you.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Klinker and Mrs Rainer

Websites providing general free resources in lots of curriculum areas
10 4 10 booklets and answers
You have a hard copy of the booklet. For those children who are already absent from school, I have uploaded these electronically for you to work through too.
Other curriculum areas
As well as the resources below, you have three text books that you have been sent home with. Please go through and choose topics you know you need to practise.  You can try topics we haven’t yet completed but don’t worry if you get stuck. Complete your answers to these in your exercise book. You might have a different set of textbooks to your friend as we don’t have whole class sets of each type of book.
Areas not yet covered:
- part-way through a unit on measures and converting between units of measurement
- perimeter, area, volume
- angles
- statistics
- pie charts
- finding the mean (an average)
- revision of everything
Fluent in 5
Arithmetic Papers and Reasoning Papers
Times Tables
General Maths