Home learning wb 17th May

Dear Doves,
Thank you for your messages - I am really missing you all too!  I wish we could be back in school together.  I am so proud of those of you working so hard at home. 
How are you all? I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather by spending time outside.   I have been enjoying my garden this week.  I have nearly run out of things to do, as it is only a little garden.  I am very glad I have it though!  We have blue tits nesting in the eaves of the house behind us, so we have been watching them - Poppy has been particularly keen, and I have had words about not eating any of them! They will be fledging soon.   Marvin has been going out in the garden too, but he prefers being a hooligan in the front room really.   Our potatoes are growing very well.  I'm glad you have enjoyed watching the video I put up, and hearing about all your planting.  
I have also been going on walks, it is tricky finding somewhere that is not very busy though!  Iris is enjoying her exercise.  I have been walking her in hand, as we decided not to ride in case we put extra pressure on the NHS.  She is loving her walks, but tries to eat a lot!  She needs her exercise though, and we are allowed to visit our livestock.  That is the proper name for animals such as horses, cattle, sheep and pigs.  Today, we watched them hay cropping one of the fields near us.  Before World War 2, horses like Iris would have been used for ploughing the fields.   Some of you may remember the shire horses that visited the school field a couple of years ago?  I have put some links up for you to find out more information on heavy horses.  Iris is a Clydesdale. 
I have also been training Ivan, our rescued miniature shetland, to long rein.  This is the stage before him pulling things, like a harrow or maybe a little carriage!  He was rescued by the Blue Cross, and now has a much happier life with us.  I have included some links below for you to find out more information.    Happy reading.  
I have loved seeing your photos of your pets - new and existing!  Poppy is enjoying the sunshine.  Marvin is finding it all a bit too hot!  We are having to be very careful if we have the back door open - as we have had other cats coming in!  Not good for poor Marvin.  
Love Miss Fuller
Dear Doves,
I have a challenge for you.... you will all have heard that we should be maintaining a 'social distance' and keeping 2 metres apart. However, do you know what 2 metres looks like? Who in your family can guess 2 metres to the nearest centimetre? How many different ways can you make 2 metres? Eg how many sheets of paper would you need? Can you make a 2 metre daisy chain? How many bars of chocolate or packets of crisps? How many of you?! What about your pets - how many Marvin's would I need to make 2 metres? Iris measures more than 2 metres!
I look forward to seeing your photos! I have included a couple of Maisy's below.  
Lots of love, Miss Fuller
Dear Doves, 
Here is your maths for the week.  It is add and subtracting fractions.
I have also included learning on statistics as well, as some of you are flying through your maths! 
Bonus maths - statistics 
Here is a link to a 'Grow your own potatoes video'.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxrcXF_k9Wg
I have been growing our potatoes at my house, hoping that we will be able to harvest them together.  I will add some photos below. 
There are also some more activities here.  
Dear Doves, 
I am loving your Andy Goldsworthy inspired art!  I have started a gallery below.  Please do keeping sending in your photos on seesaw.  
Love Miss Fuller