Learning Updates

Friday 23rd October 2020
What a way to end the half term! We have had such a fantastic day. The children looked fabulous in their outfits.
We have been really busy this week with our remembrance day project. Swallows are currently in the process of crocheting a poppy wreath for our remembrance day service. Crochet is not an easy medium. It requires patience, hand-eye co-ordination and attention to detail. The children, as always, rose to the challenge with an incredible positive "can-do" attitude. Amazing team work and responsibility demonstrated by all. Well done! We cannot wait to share the finished article! (Please see the gallery page for photos of our crocheting!)
We also had some fantastic writing in Swallow Class this week. We learnt plenty of new and exciting words including "slender" which managed to appear in many pieces of writing! In English, we have been looking at the book "Pumpkin Soup." We wrote stories about where Duck went when he left the cabin. We focused on building suspense and using the character's actions to show how they feel.
A short extract of writing linked to our whole class topic of "Pumpkin Soup":
Shortly after leaving the cabin, Duck wandered towards the vast expanse of meadow. The tall looming grass towered over him like great Eiffel Towers. Duck gave a great puff of air and ran through the blades of grass. 
A while later, Duck came to the noisy circus. Duck held his head while the flashing lights and ear-piercing sounds filled his brain. Duck ran and ran until his legs could carry him no more..."
- By Luca
We also finished off our Stonehenge artwork this week. They look simply fabulous! Here are some pieces for you to enjoy. 
The children have worked so incredibly hard this half term. I hope they all enjoy a very well deserved rest. Good luck with the scarecrow trail!
Friday 9th October 2020
Another wonderful week in Swallow Class, filled with some fantastic learning. We have been enjoying our science topic of states of matter and made a wonderful scientific discovery this week. We carried out an investigation to see whether the shape of a container would affect the speed of evaporation. We collected 5 containers which varied in shape. Each container was filled with 300ml of water, carefully measured out by the children. We then left the containers all together in the same place. It is really important that we only change one variable to make our test fair! After a week, we measured the water in the container again. The children were very careful with their measuring and their calculations to measure the difference in water level. We discovered that the shape of a container certainly does affect evaporation. In the deepest container, only a negligible amount of water evaporated. (The children felt very proud to learn the meaning of such a long word!) However, there were only a few droplets of water left in the shallowest container. The children had a wonderful discussion after the investigation about the cause of our findings! Some fantastic science vocabulary was used, including the word "particles." Well done, Swallows! What super scientists you are!
We also carried out an art project this week too. The children worked in teams. Each team was given an autumnal image cut into sections. Each child within the team was asked to recreate one section of the image. Then, the sections were put back together to create a completed team image. This required a great deal of teamwork and good perceptions too. The finished artwork was incredible and we enjoyed showing them off in the harvest assembly this morning. 
The artwork has now been put on display in the corridor outside year 4. A photo of this display will follow shortly. 
Friday 18th September 2020
This week, the children have really enjoyed our maths meetings. In particular they have enjoyed playing maths games including Times Table Doughnuts and Countdown. The children's maths knowledge and recall is coming along so well. 
In English, the children have enjoyed some story writing based on our class text, Stig of the Dump.
The children had their introduction to P-Bones on Thursday and enjoyed looking at their instrument and finding out about all the different pieces and how they are put together. I know that they cannot wait to start learning some notes on their new instruments.
Another highlight this week was Art. We have started the festivities early and the children have created some lovely oil pastel pictures for their 2020 Christmas cards. No photos of this of course, that would ruin the surprise!!
Friday 11st September 2020
Another really enjoyable week was had by all in Swallow Class. In maths, the children have really enjoyed pushing their place value knowledge even further by exploring and representing numbers with equipment. In English, we had lots of fun using a Talk 4 Writing story map to learn a version of Stig of the Dump. We used our own symbols to represent parts of the story. The children were shocked to see how much of the story they could remember by retelling it this way!
In our reflection journals this morning, many of the children wrote about Monday's topic lesson. They had many interesting facts about the Bronze Age which they learnt from their online research. They also wrote that they enjoyed carrying out an investigation in science to prove that gas is matter, even though we cannot see it. It was a fantastic lesson. The children watched their containers very carefully to see if they could see the bubbles in their container of water and were very excited when they realised that they had proved that gases do exist!
Today, we ended the week with some art. We were focusing on discussing and evaluating art using visual language. What superb art critics there are in Swallow Class! The children made comments using artistic language such as 'depth, texture, pale, warm colours, cool colours, sketch, blending and brush strokes.' I was extremely impressed!
Below are the pieces of artwork we evaluated should you wish to discuss this further with your child at home.
Friday 4th September 2020
Wow! What a fantastic first week back! The children in Swallow Class have been amazing. They have adjusted to the new routines in school with such resilience and maturity, as Mrs Ashdown knew they would. 
We have done such a lot of learning in this short week. We have started some fabulous new topics which the class are very excited about.
In English, we started reading the story 'Stig of the Dump.' The children have enjoyed looking at chapter 1 and discussing the characters of Barney and Stig. They also had a go at writing their own story with a similar theme today. We had some really creative ideas!
In Topic, we have started learning about the Stone Age. There were plenty of laughs when Mrs Ashdown ran across the Astro with a toilet roll to create a timeline of the Earth. The children had a go at guessing where on the timeline the first humans would appear. Giggles aside, the children were really able to visualise how long man had been on Earth and got an insight into the era we would be learning about. They also had a go at being historians and analysing sources to see what they could find out about life in the Stone Age.
The highlight of the week for most children was probably science on Friday afternoon. We looked at the properties of solids and liquids and had a go at categorising some materials into groups depending on whether they were solid or liquid. We learnt that some materials cannot be classified as solid or liquid because they have properties of both! More jelly and shaving foam ended up on our hands than in the bowls but we learnt lots and had a wonderful time. Photos of this to follow!