Key information will be put onto this page to share with Parents and Guardians. 
Reading Books
Change to reading book system
Due to the introduction of the Accelerated Reader system, children may change their book as soon as they have finished reading it. This is their responsibility. Children have access to a range of suitable books within the classroom. Please ensure books and reading records come to school every day as children will regularly have the opportunity to read to an adult in school.
Please share reading with your child. Discuss what they are reading. However, if your child is reading to themselves, it is important that an adult still signs their reading record. Thank you.  
Possible questions before reading:
Is this book fiction or non-fiction?
Is the cover of this book appealing and why or why not?
What do you think this book is about?
What do you think might happen in the story? (Fiction)
What do you hope to learn from this book? (Non-fiction)
What can we learn from the blurb?
Possible questions during reading (Fiction):
What is the setting of the story?
How is the character feeling?
Why did the character do that?
What would you do if you were that character?
What might happen next?
What does [insert word] mean?
Can you think of another word the author could have used instead of [insert word]?
Does this book remind you of any others you have read?
How is this book different to others you have read?
Would you recommend this book to someone else?
Possible questions during reading (Non-Fiction):
Where can we find information about [insert topic]? (Use index or contents)
Where can we find the meaning of [insert word]?
What does [insert word] mean?
What subheadings can you see?
Are there any captions on the page?
How has the author made this page look interesting?
Can we learn anything from the pictures on this page?
What facts have you learnt from this book?
Did anything surprise you?
What else would you like to know?
Would you recommend this book to someone else?
Finding your own books on AR:
To find your own book on Accelerated Reader, follow this link and then use the image below to find out the colour of your book.