Countdown Game - 
Children in Kingfisher Class can enjoy playing an online version of the classic game, countdown. This game can be accessed at home. The link for which can be found below. Enjoy!
On Friday we handed out reading books, please be advised that some books may have already been read however, having lost so much of Year 2 it is important that children gain confidence in their reading again and applying their phonics knowledge. Equally, reading comprehension is important to understand what the story is about so please discuss the book asking open questions about it. 
Possible questions during reading (Fiction):
What is the setting of the story?
How is the character feeling?
Why did the character do that?
What would you do if you were that character?
What might happen next?
What does [insert word] mean?
Can you think of another word the author could have used instead of [insert word]?
Does this book remind you of any others you have read?
How is this book different to others you have read?
Would you recommend this book to someone else?
Reading books will only be going out once a week (Fridays) and returned to school on Wednesdays, placed in quarantine before we are able to send them home again. However, please continue to read other genres and reading materials at home such as comics, recipes, diaries and newspapers. Remember to keep a record of your reading in your reading record books. 
We are now part of Key Stage 2 so please ensure that your child has a healthy snack at break times as we don't have so much fruit provided for us as it is intended for Key Stage 1. 
Please check our gallery page to see how well Kingfisher class have settled in and we thank you for your continuous support and understanding. 
Mrs Field and Mrs Rainer
PE will be on Mondays and Fridays. Please send your named child's PE kit into school to remain here until half term if possible.
Changes to school drop off and collection
Drop off from the 4.9.20 for Kingfisher class will be at the main gate just off School Road at 8.40. Pick up will be from the main gate just off School Road (same place as drop off in the morning) but at 3.10. Thank you for your continuous support and understanding.