News, notices and learning of the week 23/11/20

Robin Class notices and learning of the week...
Hello Robins and Families,
I hope you have all had a restful weekend. 
Time really does seem to be flying by. I cannot believe December is a week away!
This week we are starting to embark on some of our exciting Christmas projects. Starting with our special tree decorations!
A reminder that from Monday (23rd November) I will be greeting you in the morning and afternoon from our new drop off and collection point. The children have also seen our new route.
Additional reading books have started to be added into the children's book bags that link in with our RWI stories in school. I know the children were keen to show you how we practise our speedy sounds with a partner. 
Not too many notices from me to start the week, but any other updates I will be sure to get any messages to you.
I hope you all have a great week.
Miss Nicholson :)
  • This is the page of the website I will now update at the start of every new week. This will keep you up to date with the learning we are doing in school and provide you with key notices and information (especially during these current times).
  • Remember to send your child in with their reading record and reading book everyday
  • I understand it can be tricky to catch me due to our current drop offs but please just pop a note in their book bag if you need to ask me anything. I will then see this because we go through their book bags everyday.
  • PE change to Wednesday afternoons. The children are now to come to school every Wednesday wearing their PE kit for the day.
We are continuing to reinforce good choices in Robin class with our focus being on Kindness.
Reminding them of their good sitting, good looking and good listening.
We have also been talking lots about our bodies and hands and how they belong to us and no-one else.
Please continue to reinforce this at home with your child 
Many thanks :)
Robin Class rocked their first class assembly!!! We are so very proud of them...
Below are some photographs and video clips for you to enjoy  :)
(I'm afraid some parts were not all captured on the video, but there is still lots for you to watch!)
I love School...
Once upon a time...
I love RED!!!!
Wolfie Blues...
Lets make a cake for Grandma...
Stay on the path...
Wolfie went a walking...
Grandma, Grandma..
Oh Happy day!
Snippet of the lords prayer...
A message to our families at home...
Autumn Term Topic: Traditional tales
Stories with a moral message
Christmas stories
Countdown to Christmas!
Book of the week...
We will also be enjoying the animated version of the story too!
Activity learning this week...
    • New Maths learning...
    • To order objects by size.
    • To use everyday language to talk about capacity.
    • To explore and compare the capacities of everyday objects.
    • To use everyday language to talk about weight.
    • To estimate, compare and explore the weight of everyday objects.
    • To use everyday language to talk about size.
    • To estimate, compare and explore the length of everyday objects.
    learning continued- 
    • To explore the concept of zero
    • To combine two groups
    • To combine two groups including zero
    • To explore subtraction by partitioning
    • To practise addition and subtraction
  • continuing to explore our emotions and feelings
  • kindness activities continuing
  • stick collection/ sorting and counting
  • Size ordering the stick family
  • Imagination box- what will my stick be today?
  • Role play area- the family tree- challenge how can we light it up- extended from our power- cut learning from last week
  • stick painting
  • Making our Christmas decorations
  • starting our Nativity songs
  • funky finger/ fine motor challenges with tweezers and playdoh
  • name/ letter writing
  • snowflake making
  • making our own stick people!
  • word building
  • 1:1 correspondence counting
  • story keyword writing
          and lots more...
  • fun phonic activities
  • recap of our learnt sounds: M A S D T I N P G O C K U B F E L H SH R J V Y W TH Z CH QU X NG NK
  • new sounds: exploring digraphs!
  • recap of all learnt sounds
  • focus on fred talk and word building
  • learning how to write and say these cursive letters
  • RWI ditty books, perfect partner sounds
  • sight words: is, it, in, at, and, mum, dad, to, the, dog, cat, no, go, I, a, yes, on
  • New words continued: he, she, went- revision of all learnt words
Home learning challenge...
Challenge coming home in folders;
Sound practice, fred talk for word blending- with school readers
Name/ letter writing
purple mash
keep revisiting word games for recognition
Homework will be sent home on a Thursday and due back the following Wednesday.
Show and tell...
Friday 27/11/20
To bring in an object that you have recycled to extend its life and use.
'My marvellous magic 5' continues... (nearly all of the children have had their turn now!)
All of the children will have their turn to take part in this.
When it is their turn they will come home with a special card that says...

This evening I can fill a bag with 5 things that are special to me, I will share them with my friends tomorrow at school.

This is my opportunity to tell Robin class all about myself!



The items will only be handled by your child and kept in the cupboard until the end of the day when it is their sharing time. Their items will come home with them the same day they come into school. 

A few quotes from the children about their first few days at school...
"I just love all of it"
"I love drawing"
"I love playing with my new friends"
"We have a big TV"
"I like the big playground"
"Its sooo much fun"
"I like the big climbing frame"
"I love lunchtime and everything"
"I like riding the bikes"
"I like all the new toys- there are ones I didn't have at Nursery"
We had fun with our practical maths colour challenge- finding out the most popular and least popular colour choices amongst Robin class. We spoke in full sentences to talk about our findings.
Can you see the winning colour!!!