News, notices and learning of the week 21/9/20

Robin Class notices and learning of the week...
Hello Robins and families,
Another busy week in Robin class, the children are learning new things every day and getting to grips with our school day and routines very well.
We have really enjoyed our Paddington learning this week, and the children are already curious about our learning for this coming week, spotting a few changes in the classroom. 
Lots of the children have also been telling me about the 'Runaway Pea' story. It seems the children have really enjoyed it!
'My marvellous magic 5' has been a great success and the children are all eager to receive the special ticket for their turn.We have been really impressed with the children who have shared in front of the class, speaking in clear voices and lovely sentences to share more about themselves.
Home learning challenges came home this week. This is a tool to support consolidation of the learning we have been doing in school. Be led by your child, if they are tired or getting frustrated leave it. Feel free to adapt the challenges to work for your child. It is not compulsory but introduces them to the idea of learning in their home environment too.
Thank-you again for adapting to changes and appreciating that everything we are doing is for the best interests of the children.
They have a great energy and we have been having lots of learning fun.
Time to begin our 2nd Full week!
Well done Robins and families.
Miss Nicholson :)
Well done to Harry and Krishan who earnt RESPECTFUL certificates in celebration assembly. You are already showing us you are great role models in Robin Class.
  • This is the page of the website I will now update at the start of every new week. This will keep you up to date with the learning we are doing in school and provide you with key notices and information (especially during these current times).
  • I understand it can be tricky to catch me due to our current drop offs but please just pop a note in their book bag if you need to ask me anything. I will then see this because we go through their book bags everyday.
  • PE will be on Monday afternoons initially. The children are now to come to school every Monday wearing their PE kit for the day.
Learning in photos...
Sandwich making with Paddington
PE fun
Number sorting 
letter writing in foam
and lots more...
Autumn Term Topic: Traditional tales
Stories with a moral message
Book of the week...
Activity learning this week...
  • continuing to explore our emotions and feelings- how can Goldilocks learn from her mistakes?
  • reinforcing good choices
  • funky finger/ fine motor challenges with tweezers and playdoh
  • name/ letter writing
  • word building
  • Porridge paintings
  • size ordering and patterns with the compare bears
  • measuring the bears/ objects- multilink challenge
  • puzzles
  • paintbrush and oats letter practice
  • 3 bears cottage role- play
  • forest map making
  • broccoli forests
  • story keyword writing
  • alternate story later in the week... Beware of the bears!
  • porridge making/ tasting
  • dress the bears interactive ipad challenge
          and lots more...
  • fun phonic activities
  • recap of our learnt sounds: M A S D T I N P G O
  • new sounds: C K U B F 
  • learning how to write and say these cursive letters
  • first sight words we will be learning: is, it, in, at
Home learning challenge...
Home learning challenge will be placed inside their learning folder this week.
Can you help to set the table this week for Dinner, just like Mumma bear did for the porridge in the story.
Sound practice
Name/ letter writing
Homework will be sent home on a Thursday and due back the following Wednesday.
Show and tell...
Show and tell Friday 26/9/20- Munchy fun phonics- bring in a snack to eat that begins with one of our learnt sounds (see above) your child should be ready to share what sound their snack begins with. Can they tell you if it is a bouncy, or a stretchy sound?
'My marvellous magic 5' continues...
All of the children will have their turn to take part in this.
When it is their turn they will come home with a special card that says...

This evening I can fill a bag with 5 things that are special to me, I will share them with my friends tomorrow at school.

This is my opportunity to tell Robin class all about myself!



The items will only be handled by your child and kept in the cupboard until the end of the day when it is their sharing time. Their items will come home with them the same day they come into school. 

A few quotes from the children about their first few days at school...
"I just love all of it"
"I love drawing"
"I love playing with my new friends"
"We have a big TV"
"I like the big playground"
"Its sooo much fun"
"I like the big climbing frame"
"I love lunchtime and everything"
"I like riding the bikes"
"I like all the new toys- there are ones I didn't have at Nursery"
We had fun with our practical maths colour challenge- finding out the most popular and least popular colour choices amongst Robin class. We spoke in full sentences to talk about our findings.
Can you see the winning colour!!!