Robin Class Remote learning page 2021 + Update for the Easter Holidays

Robins Remote Learning page...  
Hello Robins and Families,
Happy Easter Holidays.
The time that the children have been back in school has gone really quickly, but it has been fabulous to have them back and get them settled into our school routines again. 
They have all been working really hard, and have earnt a well deserved Easter Holiday.
I hope you all enjoy a great break, especially now that things are starting to look brighter for us all.
There is a little Easter song for you to enjoy below from the children... Don't we make cute Spring Chickens!!!
I have decided not to set any official homework. But I am excited to share that the children now all have their own 'Reading Eggs' account. I have added their logins to the front of their yellow reading records (if your child didn't have this is school it is attached to a piece of paper in their book bags). Over the holidays I would like the children to have some fun exploring the programme ( I know some are familiar with it already).
I will be able to monitor their progress on here and set them challenges as we move forward using the programme. It is a great tool to develop their sound and reading skills.
See you in 2 weeks
Keep safe, and I hope lots of you have a visit from the Easter bunny.
Enjoy your time together
Miss Nicholson :)
What a fabulous way to finish our final day of term! Your Easter Bonnets were a spectacle and were admired by many of the children at school! Well done...

Annabel- I loved getting to play with Piper again


Sienna F- I love school, and I got to play with my friends again


Blu- I got to play with Krishan, Oliver and George!


Sienna C- I just love everything sooo much, and I love my teacher.


Delilah- its so good, I can play with all my friends again


Samuel- I love wearing my cape, eating school snacks and playing outside again


Emily- I love school like this with all my friends again, we had really good races on the playground


Ruby- I love playing with all my friends


Etta- Everyone is actually back in the classroom!


Piper- I love drawing with Annabel


Finn- I can play outside again


Olivia- I love it that I can play with all my friends


Florence- I love doing my numbers in school again


Oliver- my FRIENDSSSS!!!


Frankie- Its nice with all my friends again


Naiya- I love seeing all the toys I have missed so much!


Harrison- We have new friends back now, I haven’t seen them for a long time


Milly- I just love learning in school again


Matthew- I loved assembly, and snack time catch up with my friends inside


Harry- I love it, even more friends now


Lochie- I just love everything, I couldn’t wait to come in today, and I want to stay at school


Henry- I can go on the big playground again


Krishan- I still have my friend Harry, and more people at playtime


Jad- I love the big playground!


Ella-  I can play with Rose again


Isla- I love hula hooping with Florence, it is so much fun, and reading the books again.


Rose- I love being back with my teachers.


George- I can play with all my friends again

Our 8 weeks of marvellous home learning...
Handy links to explore...

My ideal for the children in Robin Class.

- A bit of reading every day (independent or to them or via audiobook etc)

- A little bit of writing- name writing, handwriting, phonics

- Practical hands on maths. Be that via cooking, cleaning, outside or some maths games, physical or digital.

- Some fine motor work. Lego, cutting, playdough, tidying up small toys.

- Physical exercise everyday

- Some art/music where possible throughout the week. Does not need to be guided.

- lots of imaginative free play, the more independent the better.

 Reading stories

  • Daily reading is a key part of your child’s education and something that you should continue to do if they are home learning. Both reading to your child, having your child read to you is something that should be done on a regular basis. If you’ve not got a vast library of books to choose from at home I would recommend you taking a look at the programme ‘Reading eggs’ you can sign up for a free trail and it is a great tool to use for their reading development.
  • You could encourage your child to act out stories or create a puppet show (shadow puppets are great for this) to retell the story they have just read.
  • If your child isn’t a fan of fiction, non-fiction books are just as valuable. Challenge them to recount what they have found out.
  • Practical tip: Every time you read with your child, ask them questions about what they have read.
ACTIVE ACTIVITY PROGRAMMES- keeping our children moving!
  • Dance ‘n Beats has a wide selection of fun dance routines for younger children to enjoy.
  • Just Dance has a more challenging selection of videos
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga has a fun range of videos to guide your child through yoga sessions.
  • Jump Start Jonny has some fab free high-energy workouts on his website, plus a few on YouTube too.
  • “PE with Joe is back,” The new classes will begin on Monday 11th January at 9am on Wicks’ YouTube channel.