Our learning

Our learning
Please find below an overview of what children will be learning this year. 
In the event of your child needing to stay at home for this period, Mrs Anderton will be sending out a list of useful websites and resources. 
These are our current areas of focus in the curriculum:
  • Maths: decimals including tenths and hundredths. Dividing 1 and 2 digit numbers by 10 and 100 using place value grids (White Rose Maths website for our scheme and resources).
  • English: information texts on dragons. Use our model text to write your information text about your own species of dragon. You could research your favourite animal and write your own information text/ leaflet abou this. Keep reading your books and you can find SPaG activities on PurpleMash. 
  • Science: identifying and classifying living things (Hamilton Trust website, Woodland trust, Explorify, PurpleMash)
  • Topic - Vikings and Anglo-Saxons up to the Battle of Hastings (BBC bitesize, PurpleMash writing projects)
  • English: over the past two weeks we have been looking at the story 'The Boat'. We immediately made connections between this and Noah's Ark! We have spent some time exploring the book and the moral of the story, and we have written a prequel to the story - how the old man came to be on a hill by himself. 
  • Maths: we have spent the last two weeks continuing learning about fractions, a topic which we have now finished. This has included converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions, finding fractions of quantities and lots of problem solving. We are moving onto decimals next week.
  • Science/ Topic: to link with 'The Boat' we have spent some time looking at the water cycle and how this causes rain, then we used this to consider how flooding happens.We have also looked at rivers - how they are formed, features of a river and located key rivers of the UK.
  • RE: our new RE topic is forgiveness so we thought about what forgiveness means to us, when it is easy to forgive people and when this can be tricky. We linked this to Christianity by looking at how Jesus showed forgiveness to people who betrayed him. We will be thinking about what Christians can learn from this over this term. 
  • Art/ DT: in Art last week we created our own drawings in the style of 'The Boat', where the majority of the picture was shaded in grey and there were small areas of colour in each picture. This week we made our own boats and tested them to see if the floated. 
  • PSHE: we thought that the old man in the story probably felt lonely at the start, so we thought about times when we have felt lonely, including starting a new school or club, and then thought about how we could help other people who are lonely. 
  • Computing: continuing out spreadsheets topic, we created line graphs and then moved onto using a spreadsheet to budget. 
  • Well done Swallow Class on the fantastic class assembly on Wednesday, it was lovely to watch and you all performed brilliantly!
Spring 1
This term we are going to be looking at the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings and our book will be 'How to Train your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell. In English we will be focusing on fiction story writing drawing inspiration from the book. 
In Maths we are continuing looking at multiplication for a few weeks focusing on the 11 and 12 times tables, moving onto written methods for multiplication and division. After that, we will spend a bit of time looking at area before moving onto fractions. 
In Science we will be looking at electricity, constructing simple circuits and investigating conductors and insulators. 
In RE our key question is ' How important is it for Jewish people to do what God asks them to do?' and we will be looking particularly at Jewish food laws and Passover. 
In Art we will be looking at different sketching techniques, moving on to look at the work of Kandinsky and creating our own pieces based on his work. 
In computing we are looking at spreadsheets.
  • English: we wrote suspense stories using a picture as our inspiration. There were some very imaginative and scary stories!
  • Maths: continuing our fractions topic, this week we have been adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. Swallow Class have been showing excellent resilience and hard work in Maths recently. 
  • Science: we conducted an investigation into which materials were electrical conductors and insulators. We then related this to real like to answer questions such as: why are sockets made of plastic? And why should you never put a knife in the toaster?
  • Topic: we used the tablets to research this history of Berkshire in the Anglo-Saxon and Viking times. 
  • RE: we finished off our Judaism topic by looking at all of the ways Jews show their commitment to God and considering which was the most important. 
  • We were lucky enough to have a visit from the poet James Carter on Friday morning. He worked with us to create Viking kennings and 'Seven Secrets of the Vikings' poems. It was a pleasure to welcome him into the classroom and Swallow Class produced some fantastic poetry!
We have had a very busy couple of weeks with Dancing Around the World and I Sing Pop! It has been a lot of fun performing our new talents and all of Swallow Class should be really proud of themselves. 
  • English: over the past two weeks we have been writing suspense stories. Firstly, we learnt a model text off by heart and used this to help inspire our own Viking themed stories. The final stories are very imaginative and full of suspense!
  • Maths: last week we looked at finding area of rectilinear shapes and this week we moved on to looking at fractions. We have been finding equivalent fractions and looking at fractions greater than 1. 
  • Science: we explored what happened when we added a switch to an electrical circuit and explained how this worked. We found the when the switch was off the circuit was broken and therefore the electricity couldn't flow. 
  • Topic: we created our own maps of a fantasy Viking island, using Ordnance Survey symbols. 
  • RE: recreated our own Seder meal and tasted some of the foods. 
  • Computing: continuing our work on Spreadsheets, we explored different number tools including calculations. 
  • Art: we explored the work of Wassily Kandinsky and designed our own abstract art based on this. 
  • English: This week in English we planned and wrote a character description for our own Viking hero. Imaginations were working very hard this week and there has been some excellent writing!
  • Maths: In Maths this week we were finishing off our multiplication and division topic. We learnt how to multiply and divide using a written method.
  • Science: We had a very practical Science lesson, building circuits and predicting whether or not a circuit would work. 
  • Topic: In Topic we did some research into Scandinavia, where the Vikings came from. We compared physical and human features of a Scandinavian country to the UK.
  • RE: We looked at Passover the Seder meal and why this is important to the Jews.
  • Computing: We had a go at calculating percentages on a spreadsheet.
  • PSHE: We were looking at kindness, and explored a story that had a moral.
  • English: This week we have focused on writing about our school trip on Monday. We created a class book describing what we did and what we learnt throughout the day. Towards the end of the week we moved on to looking at characters as we are going to be writing a character description for our own Viking hero.
  • Maths: In Maths this week we have been focusing on multiplication. We started off looking at efficient mental method and moved on to written methods. 
  • Topic: We enjoyed our trip to Chertsey Museum on Monday, where we learnt a lot about the history of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in that area. We walked round the site where Chertsey Abbey used to be, learning about the monks as we went. We also had a Viking re-enactor who taught us a lot about the weapons they used to use. 
  • Science: We were looking at the dangers of electricity and created posters to warn people how to stay safe.
  • RE: This week we began looking at Judaism and what 'Kosher' means. We thought about why this is so important to Jews.  
  • Art: In Art we looked at different techniques for sketching and used these to sketch the Viking sword that was discovered near Chertsey Abbey.
  • Computing: We continued looking at Spreadsheets, looking at cells and their co-ordinates.
  • English: We began reading 'How to Train Your Dragon' this week. We made predictions about what genre we thought it would be and what it may involve. We have enjoyed the first 3 chapters already, and we wrote our own letters of application to the Dragon Initiation Program. 
  • Maths: We began this week by looking at the 11 and 12 times tables and how we could use partitioning to work these out. Towards the end of the week we moved on to looking at multiplying 3 numbers together and how it doesn't matter which order you do this in, you will always get the same answer. 
  • Science: We started of our electricity topic this week by asking questions. There were some very interesting questions which we are looking forward to answering this term! We also did some exploring of different uses of electricity and how these work. 
  • RE: To begin our learning about Judaism and their food laws we thought about our favourite foods and how we would feel if we were told we couldn't eat them. 
  • Topic: As we are learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings this term, we began by deciding what we would like to learn. We looked at where the Anglo-Saxons came from and where they invaded in England. We discovered that they named some places and we still use some of these names today. 
  • Computing: We began looking at spreadsheets this week, and did some exploring of what we can use these for.
  • Art: We looked at Viking and Anglo-Saxon shields, and why these were important. Then we looked at some examples and designed and painted our own. 
Autumn 2
This term we are continuing our learning about the Stone Age, moving on to look at how Britain changed throughout the Bronze and Iron Ages. 
We will be reading the book 'The Iron Man' as a class and our English work will be based around this.
In Maths we are moving on to look at length and perimeter, and then we will spend the rest of the term on multiplication and division.
In Science we are moving on to look at sound, how sound travels and how we hear sound.
In RE our key question will be 'What is the most significant part of the Nativity story for Christians today?' and we will be exploring symbolism in the Christmas story.
In Art/ DT we are going to be making our Christmas decorations for tree trimming. We are using cross stitch to do this.
In computing we will begin the term looking at online safety, and this will link to our PSHE work about anti-bullying week. We will then move on to look at spreadsheets.
 In PE with Miss Tracy we will be doing gym, and with BA sports we will be doing football.
  • English: this week we wrote a recount of our trip to the pantomime last week which we all thoroughly enjoyed. 
  • Maths: we have been completing end of term assessments in Maths, Swallow class worked very hard on these!
  • Science/ Music: we linked our learning about sound to music and composed using a range of musical instruments. 
  • RE: we made Christingles to represent the Christian meaning of Christmas which we have been learning about this term. 
  • Art: we made printing blocks so that next week we can print our own Christmas wrapping paper.
  • We also enjoyed our visit to the pantomime on Thursday!
  • Maths: this week we have been looking at multiplying and dividing numbers by 1 and 0, moving on to look at the 6 times table towards the end of the week.
  • English: this week we wrote newspaper reports based on The Iron Man, we spent a lot of time editing and redrafting our work as newspaper reports are tricky but everyone showed great resilience and improvement in their writing. 
  • Topic: we did some research into the Iron Age and created and information leaflet about life during the Iron Age.
  • Science: we carried out an investigation to see whether sound travels best through a solid or a gas. We made string telephones and discovered that if the string is pulled taught, you can hear better through the string telephone. 
  • Computing: continuing our learning about online safety, we looked at plagiarism and how to avoid this. 
  • We enjoyed visiting St George's to watch their amazing 'Alice in Winter Wonderland' performance. The acting was brilliant and it was a very enjoyable afternoon!
  • English: this week we have been looking at newspaper reports. We started off by looking at the features of newspapers and have also been looking at the difference between fact and opinion. Yesterday we created a news report and videoed these. Next week we will be writing a newspaper report based on the Iron Man. 
  • Maths: we have been looking at multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 this week.
  • Art/ DT: we have spent a lot of time on our cross-stitch Christmas tree decorations this week and they have turned out beautifully! This required a lot of hard work and resilience but everyone should be really proud. 
  • Science: we looked at the hearing of different animals this week, including the position of their ears and why they prick up their ears. We even had a furry visitor today to demonstrate this!
  • PSHE: we have been continuing to look at friendship and how to resolve conflict. 
  • English: continuing our work based on The Iron Man, we wrote apology letters from Hogarth to the Iron Man. Swallow Class produced some excellent writing, choosing their vocabulary carefully - well done Swallows!
  • Maths: this week we finished our length and perimeter topic, next week we move onto multiplication and division.
  • Science: this week we looked at pitch and volume, and how we could change these on different instruments. We also looked at sound waves and how pitch and volume affect these. 
  • RE: we created collages of some of the symbols of Christmas. 
  • Computing: this week we had some visitors in to teach us more about online safety. We also used computers to try out a new resource we have - Digimaps. We linked this to our Maths learning as we were estimating and calculating distances. 
  • PSHE: this week we looked at the difference between positive and negative relationships, thinking about friendship. We will continue to look at friendship over the next few weeks.
  • Art/ DT: we began to make our cross stitch Christmas decorations. This required a lot of perseverance as it was quite tricky but everyone showed great resilience. We will be continuing these next week, ready for tree trimming. 
  • We have also been working hard preparing for our assembly, we look forward to welcoming friends and family on Wednesday.
  • Maths: we moved on to looking at length and perimeter this week. We began the week by measuring items in the classroom in centimetres and millimetres, moved onto converting between units of measurement and ended the week by looking at finding the perimeter of rectangles. 
  • English: we were learning how to use speech punctuation correctly this week. We created conversations between Hogarth and his dad when Hogarth first sees the Iron Man. We acted out these conversations and then wrote them using correct speech punctuation. There is a lot to remember but everyone did very well!
  • Science: we looked at how sound is created. We discovered the sound is caused by vibrations. To see this, we had a speaker in a tub with some paper and rice on top. When the speaker played the rice moved! We also played triangles and felt the vibrations. 
  • Topic: we moved on to look at the Bronze Age, and the main changes from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. These included tools and weapons being made from bronze, and humans beginning to weave fabric for their clothing. 
  • RE: we looked at symbols of Christmas and the difference between commercial and religious symbols. 
  • Computing: we have been looking at how to stay safe online, particularly when it comes to downloading things and how to tell whether it is safe. 
  • Art/ DT: we designed our cross-stitch decorations using squared paper and then began practising stitching.
  • Anti-bullying week: this week was anti-bullying week and we linked this to our online safety topic and looked at how to avoid cyber-bullying. We also introduced a kindness box to the classroom where we can celebrate when someone has been kind to us. It has been lovely to read these!
  • Maths: we finished off our addition and subtraction topic this week, we were working on multi-step word problems which was challenging but we all persevered and showed great resilience!
  • English: we began reading our new class text, The Iron Man. We were creating descriptions of the Iron Man using similes and metaphors and thinking about where he had come from. Some fantastic pieces of writing were produced today!
  • Science: we began our topic on sound by walking around the school to see which areas were the loudest and quietest. We discovered that nowhere was completely silent although some places were quieter than others. We thought about all the questions we have about sound and look forward to finding out the answers this term.
  • Topic: we looked at a map of the UK and located two prehistoric sites, Skara Brae and Stonehenge. We also thought about how these locations had changed over time. 
  • RE: we were looking at symbols this week and created a symbol to represent us.
  • Computing: we started looking at online safety, this week was about how we can protect our identity avoiding SPAM e-mails. 
  • Art/ DT: we drew our first design for our cross-stitch Christmas tree decorations. 
Autumn 1 
This term our topic will be the Stone Age. In English we will be reading 'Stig of the Dump' by Clive King. If you have a copy of this book at home or find one in the library please bring it to school! 
In Maths we will begin by looking at place value of numbers up to 4 digits. 
In Science we are learning about states of matter, moving onto how these are involved in the water cycle. 
In RE we will be considering the question ' How special is the relationship Jews have with God?'.
For the past two weeks, along with the rest of the school, Swallows have been reading the book 'Rap a Tap Tap' which is all about Bill Robinson (AKA Mr Bojangles). We have themed all of our learning around this. 
  • English: we have been doing poetry. We wrote kennings based on Mr Bojangles (find these on the 'gallery' tab) and then cinquains on a topic of our choice. We also practised performing poetry. 
  • Topic: we looked at Black History Month and did some research on a person of our choice who is important in the history of black people. 
  • Science/ DT/ Music: we designed, created and evaluated musical instruments, thinking about how they make sound to create an accompaniment to our poetry. These looked great!
  • Maths: we have been continuing with addition and subtraction, focussing on word problems this week!
I hope you all have a lovely half term and I look forward to seeing you return well-rested!
  • Maths: we began learning about addition and subtraction this week, we started with adding 10s, 100s and 1000s and moved onto column addition, missing number problems and estimating to check our answers.
  • English: we continued looking at instructions texts this week. We wrote instructions for something to do with the Stone Age so we had: How to was a woolly mammoth, how to build a chocolate Stonehenge and lots of other imaginative ideas!
  • Topic: we read the book 'Stone Age Boy' and discussed this - we found lots of similarities with Stig of the Dump! Then we imagined we were from the Stone Age and wrote a diary entry.
  • RE: we looked at what Jews use 'Mezuzahs' for and then created our own.
  • Science: we planned an investigation into how temperature affects the rate of evaporation which we will carry out next week.
  • Art: we began our poppies for remembrance day - thank you for all the plastic bottle donations!
  • Maths: we finished of our place value learning this week by looking at negative numbers and then lots of problem solving. Next week we move onto addition and subtraction. 
  • English: we began looking at instructions texts this week, it was great to see lots of real life examples to thank you to all those that brought these in. We will be writing our instructions next week. 
  • Science: following on from our learning about solids, liquids and gases we linked this to the water cycle and looked at how rain is formed. 
  • Art: we evaluated our cave paintings that we completed last week, what went well and what we could do better next time. All the paintings looked amazing and we were really pleased with how they turned out!
  • RE: we looked out how the Ten Commandments are important to the Jews and how these help their special relationship with God. 
(27/9/19) This week in Topic we went outside to find food that they used to eat in the Stone Age. We discovered that early humans were hunter-gatherers and used to eat anything they could find in the wild. 
In Science we looked at changing states and how temperature can affect this. We observed what would happen to a blue and yellow ice cube when they were put together in a cup - they melted and the water was green!
In English we have been writing persuasive letters to apply for the job of a prehistoric monster hunter.
In Maths we have been ordering and comparing 4-digit numbers and problem solving related to this. 
In Art we had lots of fun doing our cave paintings - look on the gallery page for photos!
(20/9/19) This week in Topic we became archaeologists and looked at evidence from the Stone Age. We discovered that they hunted animals and a lot of their tools were made of stone (unsurprisingly!)
In Science we looked at gases and evidence of these around us - for example bubbles in water, air in bottles and balloons. We also looked at how smell travels - we found that as we got further away, the smell got fainter.
In Maths we have been continuing with our place value work - lots of problem solving was happening this week!
In English we wrote diary entries from Barney's point of view on the day he met Stig - some fantastic writing from Swallows this week!
In Art we planned our cave paintings which we will complete next Friday. Please remember to bring in any natural resources you would like to use for these. As it is non-uniform day next Friday and we will be painting, I would suggest that nobody wears their nicest clothes!
(13/9/19) In Art we are going to be creating Stone Age cave paintings - remember to collect any natural resources you may need to complete these and bring them in next Friday!
(13/9/19) In Maths we were looking at Roman numerals so we went outside and made numbers using sticks. 
(13/9/19) In Science we have been investigating whether materials are liquids or solids. We found some of these quite tricky to classify - like jelly and shaving foam!
(6/9/19) We wrote poems about our summer holiday and then some of us performed these to the class! 
(6/9/19) We learnt a new word this week: metacognition! We are going to be learning to understand how we learn best. These are some of the ways in which we learn: