St. Michael's Primary School PSA


'Over the past 12 months, the PSA has raised money for a new sound system for the hall, tablets and cases, new playground markings, coaches to transport the children to the Christmas pantomime'. 


Meet the PSA 2019/20

St Michael’s parents, guardians and staff please join us at our monthly PSA Meetings. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

  • Sonja Wieck & Hannah Miles

    Reception Class Reps

  • Andrew Darling & Rachel Sabey

    Year 1 Class Reps

  • Tina Wizard & Danielle Harris

    Year 2 Class Reps

  • Emma McSharry & Jenny Smyth

    Year 3 Class Reps

  • Kiran Nehra

    Year 4 Class Reps

  • Claire Folley & Sapna Jhajj

    Year 5 Class Reps

  • Katie Sherwin & Lee Thompson

    Year 6 Class Reps