Weekly Updates

Friday 16th October 2020
The children have had a wonderful week of learning:
English: We were very fortunate to have had pumpkins delivered to our class from Miss Tracy's allotment, for our 'Pumpkin Soup' unit this week. The whole school will be looking into this particular text during Autumn Term. The Year 2 children wrote some wonderful stories linked to Pumpkin Soup, and adapted the text to create their own version.
Maths: We have been very busy with our Maths Mastery curriculum. Children have been learning to add and subtract two-digit numbers, via partitioning and part-whole models. Please have a look at the following resource for videos linked to this particular unit of work: Addition and Subtraction of 2-Digit Numbers
Topic: Children have been identifying the key captial cities of the U.K.'s home nations and exploring the names and location of some global nations. 
Science: Children have been identifying plants and animals that live within particular habitats such as: woodland habitats; urban habitats; pond habitats; coastal habitats. 
Class Text: Children are particualrly enjoying our class text, 'A Bear Called Paddington' by Michael Bond; the first within its series. Michael Bond has famously written a series of books based upon Paddington. It would be wonderful if you wanted to read the follow-up stories to your children at home. 
Yours faithfully,

Mrs P. Banerji
Monday 5th October 
The children have thoroughly enjoyed David Litchfield's 'The Bear and the Piano'. Indeed, while reading the story, I played some classical piano music to the children. The music created a wonderful atmosphere within the classroom, where we were all 'imaginatively transported' to the auditorium where the bear played the piano. There are two follow-up books to the original: 'The Bear, The Piano and the Little Bear's Concert' as well as 'The Bear, The Piano, The Dog and The Fiddle'. They are very recent publications, and would be wonderful to read at home with your children. Towards the end of the week, the children used oil pastels to create an artistic image of 'the bear' from The Bear and The Piano. 
Yours faithfully,
Mrs P. Banerji 
Monday 28th September 2020
Year 2 welcomes Ms Miles to the year group from today; we are very much looking forward to working with Ms Miles in Year 2 this year. 
Please note children have brought home the following today:
- Spelling Books 
- Brain Builder Books
The Brain Builder task for this term will be uploaded to the website for reference too. Please note that the Brain Builder task is due in between Friday 9th October - Friday 16th October. Thank you. Spellings will also be regularly uploaded to the website for reference. 
On Wednesday, your child will receive a Home Communication Book. If you have any questions you would like to ask me, please ensure that the message is placed within the Home Communication Book Wednesday onwards. Thank you very much.
Yours faithfully,

Mrs P. Banerji
Wednesday 2nd September 2020
A wonderfully calm and purposeful atmosphere in Year 2, on their first day of school. Congratulations Year 2. The children provided some thoughtful answers during English; certainly, a wide range of vocabulary. Keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Sparrows.
Paddington was equally impressed! 
Mrs P. Banerji