Year 6 Eagle Class 2018-19

France Trip - February 2019
Year 6 visited Rue in France in February 2019. They took part in a range of outdoor activities such as orienteering, climbing, rifle shooting and abseiling. They also got to go to The Somme where they put their learning about WWI into perspective. Other visits included a dairy farm where they all had the opportunity to milk a cow; a trip to a French market where they put their French speaking skills to the test and a boulangerie (bakery).
First Aid Training with St. John's Ambulance - June 2019
Year 6 Secondary School Transition - June & July 2019
For the transition of our pupils to their secondary school, we worked with Charters to organise some lessons with their teachers. Photos below are of the heart dissection lesson with Mr Boyce from Charters. He is a Science teacher from Charters and he visited the school to give the children a lesson on the circulatory system. They learnt lots on this topic and also witnessed an exciting chemistry experiment which involved a loud bang and a brightly coloured flame! Year 6 children visited Charters for a cooking lesson where the Food Technology teacher taught them to make banana muffins. They also visited Charters for a Philosophy lesson where they learnt more about Religious Education and Philosophy teaching in secondary school.
Year 6 Orchestra Experience at St. Michael's Church
Children learnt how to play a violin, viola or cello and then performed together with the orchestra. A great morning was had by all!
Religious Education Day 2019
Year 6's Christmas Church Service
Christmas Dinner
Making Christingles
Year 6's Remembrance Service
Visit to Maidenhead Mosque with Year 2
Survival Skills
On Thursday 11th October, Year 6 visited The Marist School's forest for the day. Here we completed outdoor activities in teams. These activities were led by Phil Brown, RBWM's Outdoor Education Specialist. We all had a great day!
DT - Building Shoe Box Trenches
Reciprocal Reading
Creating the silhouette art work depicting scenes from WWI ready for us to mount our writing on.
Look out for our finished pieces!
Using percussion instruments to create WWI music in groups. All of our music has a theme: some echo the chaos of; some the feeling associated with war whilst others say thank you to all of those people that served our country in some way.
Year 5, 2018