Accelerated Reader

This is our reading scheme for Years 2-6. Accelerated Reader is a program which aims to improve pupils’ reading ability and help them to read books that are right for their age group. It ensures that every child has a reading book and time in the day to read them. At the start of the year, and at the end of each term, the children take a ‘STAR assessment’ which assesses their reading fluency and comprehension skills. They are then given a ‘zone of proximal development’ which gives them a range of levels in which they should be choosing books. There are book available at each level in the library and in their classrooms. This test will also highlight areas that each child needs to work on in terms of reading comprehension, allowing teachers to arrange interventions and lessons accordingly. The star test will also produce specific targets for each child as well as a predicted attainment for the end of KS2.

Children can then choose books which are at their reading level, as well as age appropriate, and once they have read a book they take a quiz which tests their comprehension of the text. Children also collect ‘points’ based on how much they are reading and how long the books are. Another feature that this program has is the use of ‘MyOn’ which is a website that contains nearly a thousand eBooks that the children can choose to read. Many schools who have already implemented this system have commented on how much more engaged reluctant readers are and how much their pupils are taking responsibility for their own reading progress.

Parents and family members have the opportunity to set up 'Home Connect' which allows you to see how your child performs on quizzes. If you need a reminder of your log in details, please speak to your child's class teacher or contact the school office.

Caitlin's review of using MyOn:
“I have been using this website a lot, and I'm finding the books really interesting. I really enjoy the books by Maddax girl, sports series. I like these books because they always have a cool twist to them. I also love this website because you can quiz on the books. I love quizzing because it's like a test and I like tests. I also like quizzing even more now that I've got 100% on a few books! I recommend this website because you can have the books read to you! You will always find a book you like because there are loads of genres. It also lets you write reviews and tells you how long it took you to read it. It also tells you how many pages you've read in case you skipped one! Overall, I think this website is amazing and I recommend it to everyone that's home schooling. I recommend it to people that don't go to school and are home schooled always.”
Geography Quality Mark 2017-20