Year 6 SATS information

What are the SATs?
The SATs are the end of KS2 assessments that children take in Year 6 across the country. They assess the children on their progress across KS2.
When are the SATs?
This year, SATs will take place from Monday 13th -Thursday 16th May. This is the same across the country. 
What are they tested on?
The week will consists of:
  • One Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) assessment
  • One spelling assessment
  • One reading assessment
  • One arithmetic assessment
  • Two reasoning assessments
Do I need to do anything?
The children in Year 6 have covered the KS2 curriculum through their time in Y3-Y6 and this is what has best prepared them for the SATs. In class, we have been doing some preparation for the assessments (e.g. practice papers, answering SATs-style questions, extra revision in key areas). There is no expectation for children to do lots of extra work at home for these, but if you would like to then you can look at some of the resources I have listed below. Before the Easter holidays, I will give each child some idea of specific areas they could work on, as I won't be giving out specific homework for the Easter holidays. 
Does my child need to do lots of revision at home?
As stated above, there is no expectation for children to do lots of extra work at home, this is completely up to parents/ carers. I will not be setting home learning for the Easter holidays, but if you would like them to do some revision before, during or after this time, feel free to use the resources below. 
All tests will take place in the mornings. When there are 2 papers, one will be before break and one will be after. 
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