School Uniform

School uniform is worn at St. Michael’s. Children should be smart and wear the correct clothing at all times. Trainers may only be worn during PE lessons. All items of clothing and footwear must be clearly named. Please refer to our Uniform Policy for full details.

Uniform is available online from PMG Schoolwear using the link below. Please search for St Michael's, Sunninghill in the drop down list. Other uniform items can be purchased in local shops stocking school uniform.

 Winter Uniform

  • Grey school shorts / trousers / skirt / pinafore dress
  • White blouse or shirt
  • Tie
  • Maroon school knitted jumper for boys or cardigan for girls with school logo 
  • Grey blazer with school logo (optional)
  • White, grey or black socks or tights
  • Black, leather, low-heeled shoes


 Summer Uniform
  • Sky blue checked summer dress
  • Sky blue checked short-sleeved blouse with a grey school skirt, without a tie
  • Sky blue checked shirt worn with a grey school shorts, without a tie
  • White short-sleeved shirt worn with a school tie and grey school skirt or shorts
  • Maroon school knitted jumper for boys or cardigan for girls with school logo 
  • White, grey or black socks
  • Black, low-heeled shoes 
P.E. Kit
  • Panelled sports polo shirt
  • Panelled sports shorts or panelled sports skort or plain navy blue shorts/skort
  • Sports burgundy hoodie with logo (optional)
  • Trainers for outdoor P.E.
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms/leggings
In the interest of health and safety it is not advisable for children to wear jewellery to school. Small plain ear studs may be worn, but these will need to be taped over for PE. The school takes no responsibility for loss of jewellery.


Whilst we take into consideration culture and religion, hair should not be at the extremes of fashion. “Extreme” – not too short, nor too long, a “number 2” is the minimum acceptable in terms of shortness, and should be blended in with hair of other lengths. No Mohicans or rattails are acceptable. “Artwork” on the scalp or eyebrows is regarded as a fashion extreme and is therefore not permitted. Hair should be one tone and be close to the individual student’s natural hair tone. Primary colours are not acceptable. Hairbands, hairclips and head scarves should be strictly functional and navy blue, burgundy, light blue, black or white. For Health and Safety reasons hair over the collar and that is at a level which could cause an accident/injury to a child should be tied back at all times especially for PE and cookery.

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