Year 3 Homework

Each week, homework will be set on a Thursday and returned to school the following Wednesday.

  •         Reading daily to an adult
  •         Spellings to be tested on a Wednesday every week
  •         Times tables using Times Tables Rock Stars
  •         1 maths or English task linked to learning in school. This task should take approximately 20 minutes. Maths homework set by Mrs Klinker and English homework set by Mrs Banerji.


Thursday 30th June 2022
Over the next few weeks, we will be setting homework via Times Tables Rockstars (TTRS) each week. Therefore, there will be no further paper homework in Year 3. 
Once children log-in to Times Tables Rockstars (log-in details are located towards the front of pupils' reading records), could children please choose from any of the following options:-
1. Studio: Questions up to 12 x 12 (increases speed)
2. Garage/Gig: Automatic questions set according to particular times tables
3. Soundcheck: 6 seconds per question (excellent overall practice)
We are happy for children to choose their preferred option on Times Tables Rockstars. However, we will be checking TTRS each week, to ensure pupils are using this platform, leading up to the end of term. Therefore, please ensure that you have log-in details. If you require them once more, we can provide log-in details.  
Thank you for your continued support.


Thursday 30.06.22

Quiz Wednesday 06.07.22

Silent Letters


Group 1

  1.       island
  2.       answer
  3.       write
  4.       wrapper


Group 2

  1.       island
  2.       answer
  3.       write
  4.       wrapper
  5.       knife
  6.       knock
  7.       thumb
  8.       doubt
  9.       half
  10.       calm


Brain Builder

Thursday 5th May 2022

Due: Thursday 26th May 2022


Your task is to research facts about famous volcanoes.

What to include?

  •          Colourful illustrations or photograph(s) of volcano/volcanoes
  •          Location of volcano
  •          Interesting fact: Volcanic activity
  •          Interesting fact: Did you know?
  •          Interesting fact: Highest point of volcano


Use a variety of websites such as:-

- ‘National Geographic for Kids’:  

- KidRex:

- DK Find Out


You can complete your Brain Builder on A3 card, or paper so that we can display this within class. We are looking for beautiful joined up handwriting, good use of capital letters, full stops and ambitious vocabulary to describe your chosen volcanoes.


We can’t wait to display them so have fun and get creative!


Geography Quality Mark 2017-20