Year 3 Homework

Each week, homework will be set on a Thursday and returned to school the following Wednesday.

  •         Reading daily to an adult
  •         Spellings to be tested on a Wednesday every week
  •         Times tables using Times Tables Rock Stars
  •         1 maths or English task linked to learning in school. This task should take approximately 20 minutes. Maths homework set by Mrs Klinker and English homework set by Mrs Banerji.


Maths Homework - Thursday 25th November 2021
Addition and subtraction of 3-digit numbers. There is a lot of questions here so you don't need to do them all if you don't want to. If you don't do them all, try to do some addition questions and some subtraction questions.

Spellings Thursday 25th November 2021 

Spelling quiz Wednesday 1st December 2021 

Prefix 'mis' 


Group 1 

  1. mislead 

  1. mistreat 

  1. misbehave 

  1. mistrust 

  1. misuse 

  1. misplace 


Group 2 

  1. mislead 

  1. mistreat 

  1. misbehave 

  1. mistrust 

  1. misuse 

  1. misplace 

  1. misspell 

  1. misprint 

  1. misheard 

  1. misread 


Brain Builder

Set Thursday 11th November 

Return to school by 2nd December

Greek Gods and Goddesses  

Your task is to choose a Greek God or Goddess and create an interesting fact file about them. You can present this as a poster, mood board, non-chronological report or leaflet.  

What to include?  

  • Colourful illustrations 

  • Interesting facts 

  • Characteristics  

  • Personality traits 


Examples of Gods and Goddess 

  • Zeus – God of the Sky 

  • Artemis – Goddess of the Moon 

  • Ares – God of War 

  • Nemesis – Goddess of Revenge 

We are looking for beautiful joined up handwriting, good use of capital letters, full stops and ambitious vocabulary to describe your chosen God or Goddess. 

We can’t wait to display them so have fun and get creative!