Year 4 Notices

Key information will be put onto this page to share with Parents and Guardians. 
Friday 8th October 2021
It has come to my attention that some children in Swallow Class are leaving many items in their lunchboxes uneaten. 
Lunch is crucial because this is when children get their nutrients and vitamins for the day. A balanced lunch can improve three channels: physical development, cognition and behaviour. Therefore, a good, healthy and filling lunch can help both physical and mental development. 
I have explained to the children that whilst I understand the temptation to get back out onto the playground with their friends, it is very important that they are eating enough. The lunch time controllers are actively encouraging children in the hall with their lunch boxes. 
Please could I request that these measures are supported at home. It is crucial that children are provided with a healthy and appealing lunch. Parents and carers should also be reminding children of the importance of adequate food at lunch time.
I know that working together as a team we can help to ensure that all children have the fuel that they need for their afternoon learning. 
Many thanks.
Mrs Ashdown
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