Sparrow Class - Homework

As taken from the St Michael's homework policy, year 2 homework will consist of the following:
  • Reading with an adult: Daily, recorded in reading record
  • Spellings practise for a Spelling Test ('Quiz'): Weekly, available online each Wednesday, for testing the following Thursday
  • Brain Builder: Per Half Term (see dates on the policy)
  • Times Tables Rockstars: To start after October half term
  • Maths number facts and times table tasks: Online weekly 
The Brain Builder book is the only homework required to be sent back in to school and although you do not need to send in spelling practise or the maths task in we are always keen to hear of any successes during learning at home and always love it when the children share any work with us they are especially proud of.
We do look in every child's reading record on their reading day so please continue to record regular reading as it is useful for us to see how they are getting on at home. Many thanks. 
Please read the recently updated homework policy for guidance
and expectations for year 2 homework.
Weekly Spellings 
Each week  there will be a look, cover, write, check sheet you can use at home or you might want to take a look at the strategies sheet to find different ways you can learn spellings with your child. 
Week 10, Out 1.12.21,  Test 9.12.21
This week's spellings are 'g', 'ge' and 'dge' words.
Weekly Maths Activities
The Maths activity set will support weekly learning in school. Sometimes the task might consist of a game you can play together, practising number bonds or times tables online such as Hit the Button or TT Rockstars and will sometimes be in the form of a written task.
Homework Week 10
Timetables & Division
The children need to continue to practise their speed of recall for the x2, x3, x5 and x10 timestables (out of order) and to learn the related division facts. Please continue to practise on Hit the Button and Timestable Rockstars. Little but often will make such a difference!
See the attached document for activities. With the word problems please encourage your child to read the question carefully, underline the key words, write the equation and solve (something we have been working on in together).  
Homework, Week 9, 24.22.21
This week we have been introducing the children to their timestables. There are two written tasks available for you to choose from (x2's,  x3's x5's and x10)  but it is also important that the children practise their speed of recall. Please encourage them to use Hit the Button to help with this. 
In computing this week we will also be introducing the children to TT Rockstars. 
Please continue to encourage your child to learn any lines for the play by heart and to practise any dance moves, song lyrics and poems they are performing. Many thanks for your support. 
Homework, Week 8 17.11.21
This week the children have been allocated parts in our Christmas play. Some of the children have lines to learn that will be sent home, others have dance routines to work on, poetry to learn and they all have song lyrics to learn. We have told the children we would like the children to practise this over the next week as their homework please. No set maths activity for this week.