Vision and Aims

Our Vision
'Learning together through love, friendship, forgiveness and faith'
are the golden threads that are woven throughout our daily lives in school. With our values, the 6 Rs, we aim to prepare and ensure our children live their lives according to the teachings of Jesus.
'For we walk by faith, not by sight'
2 Corinthians 5:7

Our Christian Values

Religious Education and Collective Worship, in fact everything that we do, is based on our core values which we call the 6Rs: 







As a Church of England School, Religious Education has a special place in our curriculum. Our Christian values underpin everything we do at St. Michael's. As the centre of a wider partnership between families, the church, governors and the local community, we work to prepare the children for their next steps in life.


Our Religious Education lessons follow the agreed R.E. syllabus of the Oxford Diocese. We have an exciting resource titled ‘Discovery RE' which is followed in every class throughout our school. This is being taught in conjunction with the Oxford Diocese syllabus.


Our Religious Education work not only covers the teaching and stories of Christianity, but also investigates other world religions. Lessons always start with a "Big Question", encouraging children to share their own thoughts and ideas, no matter what those are, and to listen to the views of others. They are always times of lively, open discussion and debate. As part of this Religious Education curriculum, as the children progress through school, we visit different places of worship, including those of different Christian denominations and those of other religions. As well as timetabled Religious Education lessons, there will always be other times in the curriculum where big questions of faith arise which allow the children to investigate their own and others opinions and beliefs.

Collective Worship

We hold collective worship every day. Our life as a Church School is also reflected in services at St Michael's Church several times a year. We strongly believe that collective worship establishes our vision, a sense of school community, and is a central part of our celebrations. Worship is a special time of the day when the whole school community can reflect on the important spiritual aspects of life.

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