Sparrow Class Notices

Dear Parents,
You will have seen the lyrics to Dancing Queen by Abba in the children's bookbags. I have also added the link here
I would appreciate if you could find some time to practise the song at home, so that we are prepared for the Jubilee celebration next Wednesday. It should be an exciting afternoon to remember the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.
Many Thanks in advance,
Mrs J Tiley 
Dear Parents,
As the end of term approaches, I would like to advise you that I will be sending a homework pack in bookbags for some extra practice over the holidays. The normal spellings remain on the website for a test when the children return to school.
Our next term topic is 'Brazil and chocolate' so the children will enjoy lots of different activities to enhance their learning. The week of 23rd May the children will be participating in Platinum Jubilee celebrations.
I wish  you all a very holidays for the Easter break and I look forward to seeing the children back in school on Tuesday 26th April.
Mrs Tiley
Thursday 17th March
Good morning,
Today if you are at home please complete your spelling test and put the words into sentences checking you use  capital  letters and full stops consistently.
Also, we were looking at right angles( 90 degrees), the easiest way to understand this is a quarter turn on a clock where a square fits into the vertice completely. I have added a right angle finder to be cut out and find objects at home where it fits onto a corner completely. Please draw some pictures of the objects where you found the right angle fits at 90 degrees. We will revisit this again next week.
 Weds 16th March
Dear Sparrows who are at home,
There is a English activity below to find the word definitions of Castle related words.  I am unable to upload the glossary page that we are using in class, but you will be able to find the definitions online ( supervised only please).At the end add one of your own words that you are interested in through our topic lessons.
I look forward to seeing you all soon when you are better!
Please complete the spelling test tomorrow for wr words,  if you do not return to school. I have added this week's spellings - suffix- ful  to the homework page.
Mrs Tiley
Book Fair 16th and 17th March
The children have visited the book fair today and selected books that they would like to purchase ( this is of course optional). The range of books are approximately £6.99, £7.99 or £9.99. They should be aware of the cost of the book they selected.
If your child is allowed to purchase a book/s on Weds or Thurs, please send in the correct money or to the nearest pound. 
Mrs Tiley 
Tuesday 15th March 
Dear Sparrows who are at home.
If you are well enough today you can design an A4 poster based upon our Science  week theme of Growth'.
You may want to draw and write captions for the life cycle of a frog, chick or butterfly; also you could draw the changes that you have made since you were a baby ( gurgling, talking, sitting, crawling, walking, running etc). Or you can draw the stages to grow a seed into a flower or vegetable. Make the poster colourful because these will be going on display in the library.
Also practise counting on and back in steps of 2,5,10 and 3 please from a random number not just 0.
See you soon!!
Mrs Tiley
Monday 14th March
Dear Parents,
If your child is not at school today please find attached some work to be completed if they are well enough to do so.
We have been researching an insprirational female scientist - Katherine Johnson. I have attached the PowerPoint to view and the text to read. You are welcome to write some bullet point facts about her using this information. 
Mrs Tiley
Dear Parents,
I look forward to seeing the children on Monday 28th February after the half term break which I hope they have enjoyed. Can I ask you to book a parents meeting appointment if you have not yet done so yet ready for next week.
World Book Day is this Thursday, the children should bring in their favourite book (named please) and they should wear their pyjamas for the day. A £1 coin to buy books from the library is an option.
Please also ensure that named PE kit is brought into school for the Tuesday lesson and they should wear their PE kit to school on Friday with their uniform to change into after the lesson.
Many Thanks,
Mrs Tiley 
Morning Sparrows,
I hope this message finds you well. Please complete today's Maths homework 18.2.22 and also use real coins to make different totals. If you want to design price tags for everyday objects and then add two and three of them together as addition calculations, don't forget the p for pence!
I will also upload another sheet.
This afternoon you were going to learn about the different strategies to attack a medieval castle. Please see the attached video link for you to watch.
I have also added a castle attack document for information, can you find out  how a trebuchet was used to attack a castle?
Our PE lesson was to continue use a racket and ball to bounce a ball and send to a partner to be received/returned to develop hand/eye co-ordination. Instead you may wish to do some warm up exercises, running, hopping on the spot, how many star jumps can you do in 1 minutes. bbc KS1 SuperMovers is a good way to keep fit whilst learning about Maths and English along the way.
Dear Parents,
There are two dance workshops next week 16th and 17th in school. Please send your child to school in their PE kit with their uniform to change into on Monday and Tuesday.
Mrs Tiley
Dear Parents,
A gentle reminder that children should not wear earrings on PE days please. Please remove them at home before school on Tuesdays and Fridays and any days that there is an after school sports club.
For the children at home , please write two lists of homophones for example ( pair, pear, bare, bear, sail, sale), then put them into sentences please.
 You also have the Maths homework 18.3.22 to complete.
Have a good weekend!
Geography Quality Mark 2017-20