Year 6 Home Learning

Home learning 9th June (due 15th June)
Home learning 26th May (due 8th June)
Follow this link to our class reading page. Find my recent post and follow the instructions
Home learning 19th May (due 25th May)
Home learning 5th May
Your home learning this week is to take some time to relax, ready for next week. You could read a book, go for a walk, spend time with family or anything else you might do to relax! You have been working so hard and are ready for the SATs next week, so don't worry, stay calm and do your best! If you are desperate to get some work done, you could start your brain builder or carry on with some of the SATs practice resources. 
Home learning 28th April
This week, your home learning will be slightly different to normal. As we have SATs in a couple of weeks, everyone has a different area of their learning that they could practise more. Therefore, I am not setting specific homework for everyone, but I would like you all to spend about 40 minutes over the week having a go at some of the SATs resources I have posted under 'SATs information' (or something you have at home). It could be that you want to practise some Arithmetic, or some areas of SPaG, or a bit of both. If you would like some advice on what you need to do then ask me in person or via Seesaw and I can advise you :) 
Home learning 31st March (due 6th April)
Home learning 24th March (due 30th March)
Home learning 17th March (due 23rd March)

English home learning 10th March (due 16th March)

Your homework this week is to retell our model text. We have done this a few times now and you always come up with great ideas!

It could be:

- A comic strip

- A diary

- A news report

- Acting it out

- Telling from a different perspective

- You could even do a prequel or a sequel!

Remember, you should spend 20 minutes on your English homework.

Maths home learning 10th March (due 16th March)

You have two choices for your Maths this week, you do not have to do both. If you would like more practice on finding the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes, have a go at the first page. If you are confident and want to have a go at the reasoning and problem solving, have a go at the second sheet onwards. If you are not sure which one you should do, you can ask me.

Home learning 3rd March (due 9th March)
Follow the link to our reading Padlet here
Post a picture of the book you are currently reading, or one you have read recently if it is easier. Answer the following questions:
1) What made you want to read the book?
2) Are you enjoying/ did you enjoy the book? Why/ why not?
3) Give a brief summary of the plot.
4) Where is the story mainly set?
5) Who is your favourite (or the main) character and what do you like about them?
6) What have you learnt form reading the book that you didn't know before?
Home learning 17th February (due 2nd March)
English: there is no specific English homework this week, all I ask is that you spend some time reading! If you would like to post about what you have been reading on our Padlet page, or read about what other people have been reading, please do so here.
Maths: this arithmetic test has been completed, but there are some errors! Go through and check the working out and answers, and explain and correct the mistakes.
Home learning 10th February (due 16th February)
Home learning 3rd February (due 9th February)
Our current writing focus is instructions. Your homework this week is to find at least two different sets of instructions at home or online.
These could be:
- Recipes
- Building instructions (e.g. for Lego etc...)
- Instructions manual for a device
- Craft instructions
Or any others you could think of! Have a look at them and think about the following questions:
- Who are they written/ made by?
- Who are they aimed at?
- How does the language/ layout differ according to this? (e.g. pictures, writing etc...)
- Are they easy to follow? Why/ why not?
Home learning 27th January 
Follow this link to our class reading page. Find my recent post, comment with a picture of the cover of the book you are currently reading, and answer the following questions:
1) The title
2) The author’s name
3) What page you’re on
4) A brief summary of what the book is about
5) Are you reading anything else as well?
6) Why did you choose this book?
Home learning 20th January 
Read the text and answer the questions.
Given what we we learnt last term about the role of women in WWI, how much do you think had changed for them between WWI and WWII?
Write a paragraph comparing the role of women in WWI to WWII.
Think about the following:
- What was similar?
- Had anything improved for them?
- Why do you think this was?
- What do you think happened between the wars?
Try to follow the non-fiction paragraph outline, for example:
Topic sentence: In World War II, the role of women was very similar to WWI....
Supporting details (examples) 1, 2, 3:
Concluding sentence: In conclusion, not very much had changed for women between WWI and WWII because...
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