Year 6 Home Learning

Home learning 2/12 (due 8/12)

English (/Geography) home learning 

Our class novel is based in Finland. For your home learning this week, I would like you to do a bit of research into the country of Finland. You might want to think about:

- The climate and seasons

- Any famous landmarks

- Major cities

- Physical features (e.g. mountains, rivers etc...)

- Culture (food, festivals etc..._

- Education system

- Language

- Wildlife and nature

- Government

You can present what you learn however you like - if you just write notes, that's fine but if you would like to write it up into paragraphs that's fine too! Here are some useful links:

Home learning 25/11 (due 1/12)
Use the non-fiction paragraph skeleton that we practised in class to write your own non-fiction paragraphs. You can choose the topic: it could be an animal, a hobby, a country, or anything that you know a lot about! Don 't forget to use the correct punctuation. You can use the template attached to draft it and make notes, then write it out neatly. If you want to do more than one, then please do!
Home learning 18.11 (due 24.11)
Follow the link to our 'We are currently reading' page: here Follow the instructions on my most recent post.
Home learning 11.11 (due 17.11)
Home learning 4.11 (due 10.11)
Home learning 21st October (due 3rd November)
Choose a book that you are currently reading, have read recently or just generally really liked! Design your own version of front cover. Think about what would make it appeal to the reader. Upload a picture of your front cover to our class reading page here so that everyone can see each other's.
Mark my work: I have had a go at some arithmetic questions but I think I have made some mistakes. Correct and explain any mistakes I have made.
Home learning 14th October (due 20th)
Home learning 7th October (due 13th)
Follow this link to our 'We are currently reading..' page. Scroll down to my post entitled 'Home learning 7th October'. Follow the instructions I have written there, you can also see my example.
Post a picture of the book you are currently reading (or one you have recently finished). If this is the same as the one you posted on here already, you can comment under it with your answers.
1) Find 3 words that you aren't 100% sure of the meaning and write a definition, give a synonym and an antonym if you can (like we do in Whole Class Reading). You can use the context to work out the meaning or look it up if you are still not sure.
2) Choose your favourite character. Write 3 words to describe them and explain what makes them your favourite character.
3) Explain who you would recommend this book to and why.
Home learning 30th September (due 7th October)
Home learning 23rd September (due 29th)
Follow the link to our class reading page.
Post a picture of the book cover you are reading and comment with:
1) The title
2) The author’s name
3) What page you’re on
4) A brief summary of what the book is about
5) Are you reading anything else as well?
6) Why did you choose this book?
The rest of the class will be able to see your responses and hopefully it will give others some inspiration for books to read! I will be using this every now and then for English homework but you can access the page whenever you’d like to!
 Home learning 16th September (due 22nd September)
Retell our model text to help you to remember it Choose how you would like to retell the story. This could be:
- A comic book strip
- Drama
- News report style
- Use props
- Write in a different style
Or any other way you can think of!
Home learning 9th September (due 15th September)